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Simple Modkit Drawbot 


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Simple Modkit Drawbot 

Written By: Modkit 


Build a simple drawbot using old Lego motors, an Arduino, and a Modkit MotoProto shield. 
You can then program your drawbot to draw using Modkit Micro or the Arduino IDE. 

Step 1 — Simple Modkit Drawbot 

• This is the finished drawbot. 

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Simple Modkit Drawbot 

Step 2 

• Build the stack of blocks shown in the last picture. 

Step 3 

• Push the bottom of the motor (bumps side up), and small block through the cardboard. 

• And secure it with the long red block. 

Step 4 



Hf». -* * 

• First add the axle for the wheel, then the small and large gears as shown. 

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Simple Modkit Drawbot 

Step 5 

• Add the wheels and top cardboard layer. 

Step 6 

• Attach the motors to the controller as shown. 

• Fit the battery as shown. 

• Add the marker. 

• Draw! 

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